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The aim of the Masarang Foundation is to save the environment through the active participation of local people. Through its projects, the foundation works on solutions for the most pressing problems the world currently faces: climate change, extinction of plants and animals, destruction of ecosystems, poverty and underdevelopment. Masarang manages projects that achieve maximum improvement for the people and nature at a minimum cost. The projects link the possibilities of nature, the potential of local people, local traditions and customs, science and technology.

Our Work

Leatherback Sea Turtle Eggs Hatches for the first time in Tulap...

A great news came from Tulap Sea Turtle Conservation Program. For the first time since the sea turtle hatchery program began in...

Food Garden, Planting for animals

When you are visiting Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center’s Food House, you will see a lot of buckets of foods.  Piles of...

Finally Survive

A brief encounter to the released cuscus On April 22, 2019, two bear cuscuses and a dwarf cuscus...

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