A brief encounter to the released cuscus

On April 22, 2019, two bear cuscuses and a dwarf cuscus were released to Tangkoko Batu Angus Nature Reserve in North Sulawesi by BKSDA and Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center. Eight day after they crawled out for the last time from their release cages, monitoring team of BKSDA Batu Angus Sector encountered one of the animals. Kelly, a female cuscus from Gorontalo, looks climbed down a small branch and observing her surroundings with her round, yellow-rimmed eyes and suddenly starred at the team member. She looks healthy and active. Her dark and bear-like fur body looks thick and healthy. Its prehensile tail coiled around a branch in their release site. Her movement seems perfect. Soon she turned his head for the last time and moved away from the observer, back to the tree for resting.  The cuscus tends to move slowly and spend a large portion of the day resting in order to digest its food.

That brief encounter was enough to ensure that the release program goes well. The marsupial animals will continue their life in their natural habitat. Hopefully, the team will find the other two cuscuses. Thanks to the BKSDA team and Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center team for preparing the release.

Photos by BKSDA and Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center team


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