When Cuscus Return to the Wild


With your help, Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center working with Nature Conservation Agency of North Sulawesi (BKSDA) have released cuscus during the celebration of 2019 Earth Day. Two bear cuscuses (Ailurops ursinus) and a dwarf cuscus (Strigocuscus celebensis) were released into Batu Putih Nature Tourism Park forest in North Sulawesi.  The cuscus is native to that area. 

Kelly, a female bear cuscus, was confiscated by Nature Conservation Agency from Gorontalo on July 2018. Another bear cuscus, a male named Unyil, was saved from Kotamobago on September, 2018.  Imut, a male dwarf cuscus, was saved by residents from a restaurant in Manado and submitted to Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center on April, 2nd, 2018.  After going through a health examination (including endoparasite and ectoparasite examination), the animals were ready to return to the wild. Each year Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center rescues cuscus and other wildlife, rehabilitate the animals, and return them to the wild if possible.

Photos by Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Center team.


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